What You Need to Know About Your Roof

On the Subject of Roofing


Roofing. It’s one of those oft-neglected subjects of discussion that causes many peoples’ eyes to glaze over with disinterest, to the point of regretting that they brought it up. It’s also an arduous profession, involving a lot of hard work and no small amount of risk to the professional roofer… and when you visit someone’s house, you’re always the last person that they want to see. It’s that point where they realize that something is indeed very wrong with their roof, something that might require an expensive fix. It’s often so important to them that they treat any professional with a certain amount of suspicion; much like the mechanic, you’re a specialist who works with something that is vital to a person’s day-to-day needs, the nuances of which they most likely know little about themselves. You know what you’re doing, but it’s understandable that the client has questions; from the right point of view, this can lead to a greater sense of satisfaction at the end of a tough job well done.


The Importance of a Roof


The roof of a building is vital to its integrity, its sense of completion. In many countries throughout the world, heritage structures – historical buildings, castles, and old homesteads – fall into a lower tax bracket if they don’t have a complete roof; without a roof, they’re considered to be in ruin. Throughout the developed world, a nonexistent roof is almost unheard of; it means that a building cannot legally be used, or even inhabited. A leaky roof is an almost stereotypical sign of impoverishment, or otherwise hard times. A squeaking step in a staircase, a small crack in the wall, even a broken window – these are things that a person might cover up and forget about, depending upon where they’re located… but if someone’s roof is leaking, you can bet that they’re going to take steps to fix it as quickly as they possibly can. Aside from the dangers of long-term water damage, including mold, mildew, and rot within the walls of your home, office, or business building, a leaking roof makes a place feel uncomfortable… and less safe. A home begins to feel less like home. A business becomes less productive, and so forth.


Tips & Tricks for the Property Owner

Comrades Blog is all about roofing. We’re here to make roofing fun and enjoyable. It doesn’t have to be a drag of a topic that everybody avoids on pain of death; to that end, you’ll find articles covering a wide variety of roofing-related topics, such as tips and tricks to help maintain a healthy roof… or small roofing projects that you can do yourself, no matter how much (or how little) experience you’ve had with roofing in the past. Even putting a roof on a small backyard shed can be a task that’s both challenging and rewarding… and fun, depending upon how you approach it. Follow the useful tips presented in the articles posted to Comrades Blog, and you might just gain a new appreciation for roofs, and for roofing… as well as learning how to make your own roof last longer, how to find affordable roofing services, and how to tell when a less scrupulous roofer might be trying to charge you extra for something that you don’t really need.


Revelations for the Roofer


Of course, there are roofers, and then there are roofers, and some of us are concerned about more than just our own rooftops. Comrades Blog isn’t just amateur hour down on the street corner; you’ll find posts geared towards the professionals among us as well. Tips and tricks to use in the practice of your trade, which will help you to stretch your budget and improve your personal efficiency without sacrificing the quality of your work. We’ll share content and articles relating to interesting and innovative projects to capture the imagination of the dedicated roofer. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll find stories and testimonials relating to past experiences from people who have dealt with roofers in the past who provided shoddy work… or who performed work that wasn’t necessary, for the sake of overcharging the client. Learn how to assuage a customer’s fears, so that you can do the work that needs to be done, and leave your clients happy and satisfied with the results of your labors. A good contractor-client relationship is essential, if everyone is to go home happy at the end of the day.